Friday, January 23, 2009

.: Ohana :.

I miss all my couzzies back in Malacca....

Just can't wait to spend more time with my ohana! :)


I realised the most favourite part of celebrating Chinese New Year is not for the angpow - as the trill of running upstairs everytime we receive an angpow from visiting relatives & friends to check how much we have gotten (and sometimes, nastily labelling some aunties or uncles as "cheap") no longer exist.

Neither is it of eating CNY cookies. Or mandrin oranges.

I realised that my most favourite part is the reunion dinner, not so much of the dinner, but of the reunion.

I love my family to death, especially my cousins. They are so important to me as I have literally watched them grow from a tiny tot to the big girl/boy they are now. I saw them thru their bratty kids phase. Also thru their rebelious teenagers period. And now, watch them grow and becoming more and more mature each day, from the way they talk, from the decisions they make, the books the read, the movies they watch, the songs they listen to.

I seriously *heart* them so much :) my dearest Yin, Tammie, Shyang, Kev, Feng, Ping, Eric & baby Rachel, jie jie loves you all very much.... *muax*muax*

And of course, my baby bro Ben! :)

From left to right, bottom : Rachel, Yin, Kath, Ben (on the laptop screen, calling from UK), Feng, grandma

From left to right, top : Kevin, Tammie, aunt Christine, Shyang

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