Friday, January 16, 2009

.: Oh Crappy Day, Oh Crappy Day :.

So frustrated with work-related stuff these past three days. And so frustrated with a certain individual.
Ah… so much negativity - not good, not good!

As I talk to Yin today, I realise that her life is so full of drama.
It's like watching One Tree Hill - all the complicated relationships and feelings and all
Oh, by they way, I was watching the 5th Season of One Tree Hill on TV just the other day.
How can Lucas no longer be with Peyton? I think I missed out like 3 Seasons already!
So, anyways - back to all the dramas, what's with kids nowadays? (when one start saying "kids nowadays", it’s a sure sign of aging)
What happened to the simple puppy love or an innocent crush?
Or was puppy love never simple? And crushes rarely innocent?

I had a really exceptionally crappy day at work today. Even tho I try to be peace maker between all departments, I end up being the most hated person in the world. I really hate that I'm a phlegmatic.I just hate it that I always feel compelled to help in every ways possible, ending up not being appreciated and being blamed instead. Sometimes I wish I'm a lil more selfish, so that I would be a lil better to myself.

Anyways, not going to let all this pull me down, coz it's the start of the weekend.
And since it's only twice a week, I'm gonna bask and enjoy every moment of it!~


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