Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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shanlyn ~My article in GradAsia Jan issue : Pg 55~ []

There's been so much going on in my life. And in a way, I'm quite happy with the overall progress so far. Not really the blissful-I-have-it-all-going-for-me-and-everything-is-hunky-dory, but at least………... I'm happy.

I have a short conversation with Angelia on MSN just the other day, it's good to know that she's settling down fine.

I also was talking to Ben on Skype the other day, and I realise that this lil boy I once played masak-masak with has now grown to be a man.

It's really different for him, now that he is no longer living under the protective wings of my parents (and for those who knows my parents, they are super-super protective!) and there are a lot of things he need to learn.

The one thing good bout sending your kids overseas or at least away from home (tho I know there are demerits to it as well) is that they will be able to gain more knowledge and be more streetwise.

I miss watching TV. Instead of heading to the gym yesterday, which I was enthusiastic about until I reach home and saw my green comfy couch calling my name, that I just gave in and did a lot of mindless surfing.

You know, the times where you slouch on your couch, hold the remote, just flexing the index finger muscle (the only muscle that's getting any workout for the day), surfing from one chanel to the other.

I watch part of Gilmore Girls yesterday.
And for a very long time, I finally watched Grey's Anatomy.
Then I went on to watch part of One Tree Hill.

Must be Murphy's Law or something, but have you guys ever realised that - when there's NOTHING to watch on TV, there is absolutely nothing.
But where there is something good, it usually clashes with something equally good.
How do you choose what to watch?

Anyways, Soo Ann's butt is somewhere in Malaysia, but she hasn't drop a word at all. [Ann, if you're reading this, it's bout time you called us ok!]

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