Wednesday, January 21, 2009

.: Sox :.

It had been a real hectic day today, now that I'm on leave....

In the morning, I went to the bank to get some thing repaid. I realise that I've been quite relax in terms of my finances control. I've been quite strict with myself, in the sense that I allocate a fix amount for monthly expenditures. But now, it seems that that prelocated amount is not enough, and I seem to be having more and more "exceptional" expenses - like my contact lens, glasses, some meals in fancy restaurants...... tsktsktsk.....

From this month on (ok,ok, from next month - since it's nearing CNY and one know that there's alot of "exceptional" expenditures for this month....

So after my banking, I'm went to search for Sox (JC's dog), which was caught by the local municipal council last Friday. We did try to look for the Puchong dog pound on Saturday, but we couldn't not seem to locate the place.

So I went to Ampang (correction - I went to Setapak) , and knowing my sense of direction (or should I say the lack of it) I was quite proud of myself that I manage to navigate myself with a printed map. So there I was, in a isolated dog pound in Ampang, trying to search for Sox. I saw one dog that looked like him, sitting in a corner, but seemed to ignore me when I call his name.

I was pleading to the guys to help me, but they were really rude. After minutes on the phone with JC, one nice man called me in to the office. Of course I was really scared, afterall, I'm the only girl there. But I prayed silently, and I know that God will protect me. This nice man was looking thru some papers and told me that there wasn't any dog being caught around JC's place. I was so dissapointed, but decided to try PAWS, near Subang old airport.

Lo and behold, PAWS is closed every Wednesday (so now I know), but I pleaded to this nice Filipino (or maybe Sabahan/Sarawakian) that I was looking for my missing dog. I explained to him that I went to Ampang, and this was my only hope.

He brought me in, and to my utter disappointment, Sox is not there. Then, as I was talking to this guy, he mentioned that there is a dog pound in Puchong area. I told him that I tried to find, but could not. He just shrugged.

Thinking there still might be hope, I asked JC to pass me the number of the Puchong dog pound (which we got from the website) and this nice Malay boy answered the line. I explained to him my whole situation, and tho he sympatised with me, he told me that it was unlikely Sox was brought to Puchong, as all dogs caught in JC's area will be sent Ampang. He promised to check on the paperwork and call me back. And I was surprised he did. But he explained that there wasn't any catch around JC's place. I described to him Sox, and he promised he would call if he could identify a dog that meet to that description. No news from him after that.

I'm so disappointed.

I pray that Sox is really ok. I'm actually more attached to Sox than JC, JC's dad or JC's grandma is.

So now it's already 4.30pm. My whole day's gone. I got a church camp meeting to go to later....

I'm mentally and physically drained!

I don't know what else I could do.............

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