Wednesday, December 31, 2008

.: Hot & Cold ; Up & Down :.

Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in then you're out
You're up and
you're down
-Kate Perry : Hot & Cold-

This is exactly how I'm feeling right now.

No, not suffering from hot flushes from PMS (I'm no due for PMS just yet).

And no, it's not about my relationship with JC.

As a matter of fact, it's about my relationship with MYSELF.

I just find that I'm in this IN BETWEEN stage, in particular - of my age. On one hand, I feel that I'm still young, and should still be having fun. But on the other hand, I'm shoved with "adults" responsibilities, especially in terms of my career. I know that being a qualified accountant at this age is no big of a deal, but when I look around me, and realise that there are others my age who are barely there, and those at my position are in their early 30s, I wonder if I'm really good at what I do to be where I'm right now.

And I feel that if I have progressed this much in term of my career, what about the other aspect of my life? Should it not be progressing at that pace too, so that I can progress overall? Again, on one hand, I want to - push on, so that the other aspect of my life can catch up with this, but on the other hand - I'm not sure if I'm able to cope.

Well, as JC & I continue to plan for our future, we know that ultimately, it is all in God's hands.

In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9

Dear Lord,

We commit all our plans into Your hands, as only You know what is best for us.
We pray that You continue to guide us along this journey, and that Your mighty plan will unravel itself. Let You will be done, not ours. Give us what we need, not what we want.

We pray Lord, for continueos wisdom in decisions we are about to make and take. And courage to overcome problems and challanges along the way.


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