Friday, December 26, 2008

.: Adios 2008, Hola 2009 :.

It's that time of the year again.
The period where people take time off to reflect on the events for the past year.
And of course, many would look forward to starting the New Year afresh.

For me, as I look back, pretty much a lot that has change.
Whether it's within my surrounding environment or myself.

All that is gold does not glitter,
not all those who wander are lost.
-JRR Tollkien-

Went overseas twice this year.
One to Beijing, China in May (right before the Beijing Olympics) with my family.
And the other to Sydney, Australia in June with JC.
Was really a good opportunity for me to see what's the world like beyond Malaysia (Yes, I’m live under the coconut shell and have never really gotten the chance to travel much).
Got to experience snow in China (according to the tour guide, it rarely snows), bargaining in my half-past-six Mandarin, enjoy the scenic views of Blue Mountains (backpacked there), spelunking in Jenolan Caves, touch the blue Pacific Ocean ….
But all this traveling and wandering, it just made me realize something – that there’s indeed no place like home!

Bad luck comes in threes
-Old superstition-

Had a series of car incidents this year.
One, my bro's car battery die-ed (while I was driving his car)
Two, my car battery die-ed (coz I was too excited to play COD4, I forgot to switch of my headlights and left it running for 4 hours plus)
Three, my car back wheel tire punctured (while on the way to JC's house)
All this within a span of three months.
Thank goodness for Lonpac!

If I were a boy, even just for a day
-Beyonce Knowles-

Learned to play COD4 (Call Of Duty 4) with the big bad boyz - thanks to Sifu Drew & Sifu SJian.
Manage to kick some of the dudes' a$$, something which I'm absolutely proud of!
And just recently, had a try at Left 4 Dead, another online multiplayer game, but still have not gotten the hang of it. Practise makes (close to) perfect right? :)
Yes, I may scream like a girl!
But this is one girl with an attitude!

Change; we don’t like it, we fear it, but we can't stop it from coming. We either adapt to change or we get left behind. And it hurts to grow, anybody who tells you it doesn’t is lying. But heres the truth: the more things change, the more they stay the same. And sometimes, oh, sometimes change is good. Oh, sometimes, change is ... everything.
-Grey’s Anotomy-

Elections back in April made a tidal change for Malaysia.
Barisan lost the two-thirds majority, which they have had since independence back in 1957.
And I was part of the 10.4 million registered Malaysian voters who voted on that day.
My very first vote cast! :)
Months later, in the USA, an unprecedented moment, where the first African-American, Barack Obama from the Democrat Party, was elected the 44th President of United States.

My favourite (and only) brother left to complete his final year in Stradclyde, Scotland. A place where men wears skirts (kilts – whatever, it looks the same to me *wink*). He will be back somewhere late June or early July next year – so it’s our family first Christmas & CNY without him.
Qianhui left for the USA under a student travel and work programme, leaving me Tigger-less for 5 months, but now, my Tigger is back! Yay!
Aunty Janet from SLS with her family migrated to Melbourne, Aus.
Aunty Mandy and kids returned back to UK.
Angelia, my best friend whom I've known for almost a decade, is also migrating to Aus mid Jan next year. We have shared a lot – from studying PMR together, to playing mahjongs, to insulting men’s intelligence (or more correctly; the lack of it), to arguing if “rubber” is the right word to use. I’m really going to miss her, knowing I can’t conveniently call her as and when I like. But I know that our friendship will truly stand the test of time and distance!

The Earth is full of the goodness of the Lord
-Psalm 33:5-

I have officially passed my EE & ICAEW.
It’s truly been God’s grace that I was given the opportunity to do the EE programme.
And it was His grace too that I manage to pass my final ICAEW paper.
I’m also now promoted to Accountant in the Group, I think being the youngest here.
There were a lot of challenges I’ve faced this year, in terms of physical, emotional and spiritual. But I believe that God has been with me throughout the whole ordeal, never letting me go, when I felt like giving up.
Indeed, God has blessed me with all his goodness!

Employ thy time well, if thou meanest to gain leisure.
-Benjamin Franklin-

Been reading a couple of good books of late. To just list a few – P/S I Love You (Cecelia Aherns), Blue Eyed Devil (Lisa Kleypas), Message In The Bottle (Nicholas Sparks), Saving Fish From Drowning (Amy Tan), To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee). But to pick my favorite read for the year, I would have to say Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern. I really enjoyed it so much that I actually read it twice!

Also, there have been quite a number of great movies this year.
I’m utterly impressed with the late Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker in Dark Knight.
I also adore the antics of cute lil Po, the Panda in Kung Fu Panda.
I’ve enjoyed and tapped my feet to the musical of Mamma Mia bringing back the good ol’ Abba hits.
And I laugh so hard at Rhino’s character (a hamster with an attitude) in Bolt.

Adventures locally include my very first hiking trip to FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia), where I screamed my head off when I realize I had a leech on my leg.
Another screaming adventure would be taking the Space Shot in Genting Theme Park, being dropped 183 feet above the ground at free fall speed.
Visit to Kuala Selangor, to see a breathtaking natural wonder - fireflies.
I love meeting up with old friends, even though the organising part is havoc (I'm usually the one organising it), but looking back, it's all worth while.
Have been continuing or monthly/bi-monthly meet up with SJian, Jes & Drew, as what we have been doing since last year.
Also have been catching up with Fei, Xiao, Suk, Ser & Qian.
Biggest gathering so far was done just last week with the ex 5 Bataians, at Marche, The Curve.
Those who came include myself (of course) Qian, Ting, Drew, SJian, Ching, EWei, Steph, Rach, Dinah, Jeev, DHui, WLi, Nick. A couple of good news about engagements & weddings coming up (to be revealed later!). Indeed, most of us, tho look the same in many ways, have really grown up! :)

Indeed, 2008 has brings lots of ups and downs.
But one can not and should not dwell in the past, let memories be memories, and to look forward to a wonderful new year ahead! :)

Adios 2008!

Hola 2009!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2009!~

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