Tuesday, December 9, 2008

.: Are You Smarter Than A 6 Year Old? :.

The things kids know nowadays really amazes me.

My 6 year old cousin, Eric, came down from Malacca with his parents, my poh-poh & Koh Ling for the long weekend.

The usually shy-hiding-behind-mummy cousin of mine turned into this chatter-box machine (which I believe is secretly being run by some super-still-in-the-experimental-stage Energiser batteries).

Anyways, he was going on and on about everything - from his school to his friends to everything around Tengkera (which is where his maternal grandma lives) to the magic show performed by four magician in his school (which is all "tipu one, except for they guy with a short pencil" *it's not easy to impress this kiddo now with any magic tricks*).

And he loved giving "teka-teki" (riddles). I tell you, he literally memorises everything in his "kamus" which I would think is a mini encyclopedia (judging from his description on how thick his kamus is *thank goodness it's only a mini one*). And his riddles ranges from the human anatomy to animals to planets to landmarks of Malaysia. And the landmarks has to be specifically mentioned in his mini encyclopedia, if not, your answer is WRONG.

And he goes on and on and on ..... and he never feels tired one lil bit!

I mean, this dude is like on sugar high, constantly.

Even my grandma commented "Eric, are you not tired talking and talking and talking. Even listening to you talk non stops makes me tired." :)

And, the cutest thing about him is his "rojak" vocabulary. He can switch from English to Malay in a sentence. And it's not just one word, it's like rojak phrases.

And his Malay (like all Peranakans) are flawless, that, if you did not see who the speaker was, you would think it's a Malay boy talking.

So there I was, being put under the spotlight, trying to answer the constant questions he throws out out of the blue.

I feel like I'm in a "Are You Smarter Than A Six Year Old" game show.

Anyways, at least I got this part right (which was not updated in his mini encyclopedia) - there are only 8 planets left *switch to nerd mode* as Pluto is no longer classified as a planet since 2006, but now reclassified as dwarf planet under the Kuiper Belt *switch off nerd mode*

When asked what is the 3rd planet from the Sun, and JC answered "Mars", Eric quickly interjected and answered "Nolah *slaps forehead with a big grin*, it's Earth la, haiyoh!"

Clever boy! :)

P/S : Not all his knowledge was obtained from this mini encyclopedia or taught in school or his parents, but from watching TV9 (he really impressed me by identifying a Sphinx). Oh ya, and he's a walking TV programme guide too (for relevant cartoons only).

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