Friday, November 18, 2011

.: The Good Side :.

You wake up to life. You appreciate everything about life, but especially family and friends. You become very humble very fast, which is timely since the feeling that there is a God watching over us suddenly becomes very, very real. You are without a doubt going to face the toughest battle anyone on earth has ever faced. Keep your chin up and come out swinging, people will acknowledge your spirit, your courage, strength and stamina. The purpose of this life may in fact be
1) to experience life,
2) to learn our hard lessons about the battles between good and evil, and
3) to forever learn to have faith, trust and believe in our God.

A church member was diagnosed with Stage 2 brain cancer at only 16. I'm tearing as I read more on what this malignant brain tumour is all about. So what if I'm sitting at a busy walkway in KLCC. My heart goes out to him and his family. As I read the above quote from a person suffering from brain tumor, I can only pray for this boy, Chris, to continue to be strong in faith and to put his whole trust & believe to God.

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