Friday, November 25, 2011

.: Breaking Dawn (Part 1) :.

Ok, so I got to admit that I’m probably not the biggest of Twilight’s fan.

I suppose I form part of the small percentage of girl-who-has-not-read-twilight saga series (tho I heard that the book is way better than the movie & is definitely worth the read).

I really hated the first Twilight movie.

The second saga, New Moon was better than the first movie, but it was still terrible. The only consolation was : Jacob Black. He’s just as cute as a button with body as buff as can be. *dreamy eyes* Even better was his acting skill where I felt that there was at least some chemistry going on between Jacob & Bella. Even though Patterson & Stewart are real life lovers, they just can’t seem to bring their off-screen romance on-screen. Sad.

The third of the saga, Eclipse was forgettable.

And last night, watched Breaking Dawn Part 1. The show started with (if you have watched the trailer, you would know what I am narrating) Jacob storming out from his house. It was raining, he took of his shirt, exposing a drool-worthy nicely chiseled body and ran off – causing many cinema-goers (including myself *hehe*) to squeal in delight! And the Ben whispered to me that this is gonna be the ONLY time Jacob takes off his shirt.

At first I thought that Ben was joking, but at the end of the show, I have to say disappointingly that he is right. So, you can imagine the anticipation I had throughout the movie being crushed right at the end.

Also the other thing that I was looking out was The Wedding Dress. Read somewhere that the famous wedding dress designer (Caroline Herrara) has been replicated by Alfred Angelo (who did a collaboration of Disney range of princess gown) for a price of $799 to those Twilighters (Twilight die hard fans). It wasn’t exactly as classic as I thought it would be, but I suppose this Edwardian-inspired wedding gown has caught many attention and apparently it is being retailed at many shops worldwide. Oh, but I love the wedding venue at the Cullen's backyard. So romantic and dreamy. Really, really lovely!

All in all, it wouldn’t be a movie that I would watch. There were some hilarious parts here and there, but that's about as entertaining as the movie can get. Again, this is being slightly bias. But I suppose if you are an avid fan, you would be catching the movie soon – either dragging The (poor) Boyfriend or make it a girls day out with the bffs or both!

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goingkookies said...

The books movies adapt from are usually way better than the movie itself. I guess, taking words and translating it to visual isn't that easy. hehe.

Camp Edward!! cos of the intensity of his love to Bella.. :)

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