Sunday, November 13, 2011

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Finally, JC fixed an appointment with his insurance agent to meet up with us last night, after weeks and weeks of delaying this meeting.

We knew it is important to have sufficient coverage given the increase in medical cost this days. The insurance agent had a look at my existing policy(which my parents have bought for me back in the earlier days) and suggested a few top ups as well as new policies to ensure that I was sufficiently covered. JC also reviewed his policies and made some top up as well.

Made a call to my brother to discuss with him since he had met up with a couple of insurance agents from different insurance companies so he would more or less know the similarity and dissimilarity between all. He concluded that it was about the same for most insurance companies as well as pointed out to a few point we need to take note of. In his opinion, it is best to have a wider coverage on critical illness as given the nature of his job where he knows how expensive these medication & treatment cost that it may come up to. Fact : at least one out of five women suffer from breast cancer. Fact : the cost if one vial of chemotherapy dosage can cost up to RM30k, where there are about 6 dosages per treatment. His fact scares me so much so that I have increase my critical illness policy higher than proposed.

At the end of the day, I do know of some people who still are ignorant about insuring themselves. Worse still is that there are some who does not believe in insurance, be it because of religious reasons or what not. Again, its a personal choice for these individuals, but for me, getting sufficiently insured is a must to protect not only myself but my family (from unexpected liabilities in the future)

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