Thursday, November 17, 2011

.: Thoughts of A Migrained Mind :.

My writing style has changed substantially since I first started blogging. Or so I think. I used to be more expressive, but now, I’ve toned down a lot.

Having said that, I am a very private person, so tho I reveal much in my blog, but there’s tons more that I choose to keep it private. There are plenty of thoughts & things I would like to express, but there are certain things that after thinking through, I believe it is best that I do not write (or type it down). There are certain things that I, though I don’t share in this blog, I share with those closer to me. And then there are things that I completely keep it to myself.

I used to write more “fluently”, or so I thought I did. But now, I couldn’t really care less if my spellings, tenses or grammars are wrong or if my string of words that forms a so-called sentence doesn’t make sense. Who cares really? Afterall, this is meant to be the thoughts of my mind, and let me tell you, my mind ain’t such an organize place to begin with.

I am having a bad migraine now, which is probably the best time to write something/anything, coz that would mean that my brain stops thinking (you mean that its even capable of thinking?) and I just go on with random rants.

I have had been presented with many choices and decisions to make. And up until recently, problems and conflicts to be solved. Choices, decisions, problems & conflicts that probably people my age haven’t even face. Sometimes I wish I could stop being so mature so fast so soon. I talk to some people my age and look at their naiveness & innocents and wonder why I couldn’t enjoy such luxury? Yes, I call these lil things luxury, because the more you know the more you wished you never knew.

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