Sunday, November 6, 2011

.: Project Status Update :.

So, here's a quick update of all the on-going projects

1) Project Casa - We've just gotten the draft S&P from our lawyers and will have a look at it, and if all's well and agreeable by both parties, we will be signing it end of next week, or early the week after. Meanwhile, for the financing bit, we have narrowed down to two banks who will be competing in terms of interest rates.

2) Project Scribe - Which is basically keeping all our documentations in place for all previous projects as well as on going projects (I just HATE filing, don't ya?) I would say that it's 50% completed. JC choose this project name because scribe is a person who keeps tracks of records back in those ancient Egypt days. As you can see,  I would not have made a very good scribe. So, yeah, half done, half more to go!

3) Project Umbrella - Project Umbrella is basically re-evalutate and replanning of our insurance policy, given the new debt we have recently undertake for the purchase of our residential property plus our investment property (hence we will be looking into MLTA) as well as topping up our life insurance coverage. For the time being, we have not talked to any insurance agent just yet, but we plan to get this done with as soon as possible.

4) Project Moo-Moo - Although with the recent economical situation, the fall in the KLSE index has not been that great a dip that the equity prices are dirt cheap and attractive. So, while JC will still be keeping on a look-out for any bargains, this project will be left on review mode for the time being. Why project Moo-Moo? Bull & bear? Geddit? :)

But no matter what project we are to undertake, we will give all thanks and glory to God for His wisdom and guidance in helping us make decisions along the way. Afterall, we may plan the course, but is it God Himself that determines our steps.

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