Friday, July 8, 2011

.: My Wedding (Cup)Cake :.

To cut cost, the cupcake tier was handmade (lotsa xoxo to Uncle Albert) & the top cake was DIYed (a nice matching fondant cake would have cost RM150, so I decided to DIYed mine for a small fraction of the cost - say RM10? Not perfect, but still look presentable no?)

On the other hand, savings on the cupcake tier is approximately RM150 minimum for something I would only use say once, at most twice?

If you're not a fussy bride or frugal (like me) just use your creativity to cut corners here & there. Honestly, it's more special to know that you have DIYed your own! And looking back at my wedding pics, I am so greatful & thankful to all those who have contributed in many many big & lil ways.  Like my mom for handsewing my ring bearer pillow. Like Uncle Albert for this cupcake tier. Like Tammie for the pic on my church invitation card. And lil Rach & Tammie for the wishing tree. I heart them all so very much!


cryskay said...

looove that idea of having a cupcake cake. xx

Kathlynn said...

thanks! :)

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