Wednesday, July 6, 2011

.: Mr Popper's Penguin :.

So the bff (big-fat-friend) Ben & I watched Mr. Popper’s Penguin last night at GSC One Utama.

The movie stars Mr. Funnyman Jim Carrey as a successful businessman who’s life priority in life is all screwed up (cliché cliché). He then inherits 6 penguins – and, obviously at the end he learn from ‘em penguins a valuable lesson bout life (cliché cliché). I am not in for the whole movie storyline – just way too much clichés. But you have gotta love some of the lame jokes that Jim Carrey cracks – he is just so expressive when he crack those lame jokes that you jus gotta laugh out loud!

Cute penguins, tho I reckon that the penguins in Happy Feet 2 is way cuter.

A show that the kids would definitely enjoy more than the adults, IMHO.

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