Saturday, July 23, 2011

.: 100 Things That Makes Me Happy :.

Nineth part to the ten part series

81. McD chocolate sundae (with warm fries – extra yummeh, but so not good for the tummeh!)

82. Playgrounds (swing, swing, swing)

83. Kites high in the sky!'

84. Traffic-free road! Wheeeeeeee

85. Playing the piano (tho I’m no good, I find pleasure in bangin those keys) *hmm, sounds so wrong*

86. Skipping *skippadidodah*

87. BBQs

88. Nursery rhymes (including those modified/dirtified ones!)

89. 7-11 Slurpee (extra sugar dose & brain freeze!)

90. Snail mail (I heart!)

*credit of pictures given to the respective owners*

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