Sunday, July 10, 2011

.: Church Bells Ringing :.

On one of those regular random (isn't it an oxymoron?) conversations I have with JC.

Kath : Did they ring the church bell* when we got married at St Mary?
JC : Yes, they did! That was the highlight of the day!
Kath : Haha, I thought the highlight of the day was marrying me?
*Long pause followed by laughter from JC*
JC : Church bell may be the highlight of the day, but marrying you is the highlight of my life!

Close one JC, real close!

*We got married at St Mary's Cathedral, and had the privilege of having the traditional church bell at the bell tower rung for us right before the wedding march. It's a privilege because not many churches in Malaysia have a traditional bell tower!

Beautiful interior of the Cathedral we got married in!


goingkookies said...

lol.. smart hubby u have there!

hehe.. but wow.. nice wed and bells!!

Kathlynn said...

lol, sometimes i jus like to trap him like that! :)

Marina said...

:)) He's good :D

nail crazy said...

lol, this was really close ;-D

Kathlynn said...

@marina - one of those rare moments!
@nail crazy - yes, really close shave. lol ;)

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