Wednesday, July 6, 2011

.: Dandruff Be Gone :.

I have had dandruff problems for as long as I could remember. Sad!

It is usually quite manageable, but of late, it has been getting worse.

My scalp itches most of the time, and the dandruff flakes are getting more and more. The more I scratch, the more it flakes and the more I injure my scalp.

I reckon it is because of stress, and yes, because of work problems & because of off-work problems, I am having sleepless nights of late. A snoring husband doesn’t help.

So, before my dandruff problems become more severe – my mom suggested that I use some prescribed anti-dandruff shampoo she got from our family doctor.

I tried it one day, and lo and behold – the flaking actually got worse!

I was so agitated, as I was not only flaking, but the itch is really getting to me. So, I decided to try a traditional natural remedy – apple cider vinegar.

What I did was took some apple cider vinegar and rub it on my scalp all over. There was a pain sensation on areas that I have scratched so bad that it was injured, but it’s much bearable than the annoying itch. The itch stopped almost immediately. I took a towel and wrapped my hair into a turban as I catch the downloaded Criminal Mind series (thanks to bff Dominic Shiu Mun Keith *private joke*) on TV (Yes, I finally have a TV – tho it’s a hand-me-down-comes-with-the-huge-TV-cabinet, it better than nothing huh?)

I rinsed my hair with warm water (apparently hot water damaged one’s hair) and lather a bit of shampoo coz I didn’t really like the smell. Some site says that the smell would go off, but I just couldn't bear with it, so I decided to rinse it off with a lil bit of shampoo. And guess what – IT WORKS! No more flakes, no more itch! One happy Kath!

So if any of you encounter similar problem as I did, try out this technique before throwing good ol’ hard earn cash in an expensive bottle of medicated shampoo.

P/S : Apparently it helps with thinning/falling hair also, but since it is acidic, it is advised not to use it so frequently, about once a week will do. Will try it out for the next couple of time and see if it really works!


goingkookies said...

oooh good suggestion. will defo try it out cos my head gets flaky due to dry weather and i m at wits end.. plus i feel my hair is thinning somewhat though no one believes me...

btw, u ve changed jobs? congrats manager!! =)

Kathlynn said...

yes, u mus try.

no, i havent change job, still same ol same ol. what gives u that idea? *scratch heads*

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