Thursday, January 13, 2011

.: (Yet Another) Mini Update :.

Since my baking/cooking hiatus have been uplifted, I am on the charge to bake some CNY cookies for close friends and family. Am still searching for some recipes that I can try out, considering the fact that I didn’t do so well with the last cookie episode!

The prudent side of me is squeeling old-boring-but-safe chocolate chip cookies but the more adventurous side of me is screaming bring-it-on to try something different.

Until, and only until I am done with my unpacking and some household chores and at least upload some pictures of my honeymoon in Bali, then I will start baking.

In the meantime, I am still searching for recipes!

Oh – my Ara Damansara apartment that I bought for investment is (finally) mine! I will continue to tenant it to the three existing tenant (JC calls them ‘hunks’ – should I be worried that my husband is gay?). Still some issues to iron out, but in the meantime, all is well.

At work, I am doing my quarter closing. My responsibilities are basically still much the same, which is good in a way, but repetition makes this job (or any jobs for that matter) mundane. Thankfully the working environment works well with me, with good bosses and colleagues. Having said that, I am still trying very hard to realize my dreams of being a full time housewife (there is just so much HK series to catch up).

Speaking of HK series, I think it’s bout time that JC and I get our lil home a TV set. Don’t find myself missing much, coz we were not at home the first week, and for this week, the both of us are so busy with work. But I am reckoning that in the near future, I would need a TV to entertain me.

Speaking of entertainment, I have completed two twin series novel (which means for novels) of Sidney Sheldon. Good stuff. I still have Time Traveller’s Wife to digest for the time being before I run out of books to read. I trip to BookXcess would be most timely now! (They are much cheaper than the bookshop in Atria, btw! :)

Perhaps I shall go now, since it is on the way back from work! Oh, let's just see how things go!

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goingkookies said...

I read about Book Xcess from another blog and gosh, can't wait to visit it when i m back!

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