Wednesday, January 19, 2011

.: In The Past Week :.

I have, in the past week,

1) stewed Kiam Chye Buey or known as Salted Vegetable Stew. It is a Nyonya dish consisting of pickled vegetables (usually pickled mustard green) and whatever leftovers you have in your fridge/freezer. Literally! So in I dump my roasted pig from my GDL, some chicken pieces from my wedding luncheon, throw in some canned button mushroom & straw mushroom, some dried red chilly & black pepper for spiciness and a few pieces of asam keping aka assam gelugor (which are dried tamarind slices) for a tinge of sourness. I love this stew, especially when I get to freeze it in the freezer and reheat it whenever I feel like having some. Like most nyonya dishes, the flavor keeps improving the longer you keep it.

2) baked some Chocolate Chip Cookies
Was a big hit with my colleagues & JC’s colleagues, but I wasn’t very satisfied with the outcome. I still felt that it needs more flavor and texture, tho my colleagues seems to disagree and said that it is ok. Anyways, there are a few pieces left, tho I will be baking another batch from another recipe. Perhaps this weekend.

3) started reading The Time Traveller’s Wife and am midway thru it
It was about time I start to pick up my reading habit. And oh ya, stocking my hse with lotsa book! I love this novel and I am so engrossed with it. It keeps me company at night when JC is still not back from work (he usually comes home at 2am – shocking I know!)

4) picked up the iron to iron (duh!) clothes.
I know, I am a spoilt-brat, for the last time I used an iron was when I was 13 and we were in-between maids. Yes, an absolute spoilt brat I know!

I was so engrossed with living day by day since I was back from honeymoon and I failed to realize that it is a public holiday tomorrow.

So to all out there celebrating – HAPPY THAIPUSAM. And to the rest of Malaysians – HAPPY HOLIDAY!

p/s : Pics of Bali (aside from that posted in FB) coming up soon!

Till then, cheers! :)

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