Wednesday, January 26, 2011

.: Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night Sickness :.

Have been feeling nauseated on and off lately. And just because I look like I pregnant (no thanks to me just 'letting go' after the big day), I don't think I am pregnant. Think - because for some reason on another, I think that God love test my sense of humour, and more often than not, just puts me in the unlikeliest of predicaments. I know you love me Daddy, and You just want the best for me, but I think I have enough surprises for the time being already? I am just so not ready to be a mom just yet. Or ever for that matter!

Anyways, I have been vomiting two weeks ago (evening time) and last night woke up at 2am to throw out. Just pray that I get well soon from whatever this sickness is.

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