Monday, January 24, 2011

.: G6 : First Convention :.

Weekend was fantastic, but I KO-ed after the whole thing was over.

Manage to cook & feed the whole G6 members and JC. Which means the 7 of us!

We had:

1) Roasted black pepper whole BIG chicken – sadly, there wasn’t a hint of black pepper taste whatsoever, but love that the chicken was cooked crispy to perfection. Meat was absolutely tender & juicy, thanks to 6 hours of prior brining in salt & sugar water. But the oil that came out from the chicken when roasting -.- OMGOSH! But what was even scarier is that we polish the whole sauce (i.e. chicken fats)! -.-

2) Spaghetti carbonara with mushroom, garlic and loads of sinful bacon – my verdict on this dish was so-so only, but the kiddos & JC especially enjoyed it!

3) Potato salad – Kevin, Ben & Shyang helped to chop the onions for this dish. It was fun as they awed in awesomeness as I thought them the efficient way to chop an onion. They were like utterly impressed as if I had thought them the I-Ching to understanding girls. But nonetheless, they are now certified & qualified onion choppers! Need someone to chop your onions? You can call them anytime >.<

4) Downplayed Ceaser Salad – minus the crutons. But the kiddos enjoyed it nonetheless and were grazing it as happily as cows! Tammie especially enjoyed the cherry tomatoes. I actually intended to try out Nigella Lawson’s moonblushed tomatoes (as oppose to sundried tomatoes, geddit, geddit? nvm -.-), but due to lack of time, just dump it in the salad au natural.

After dinner, we had a big bag of chips, watched HIMYM (again!), had a dozen J Co doughnuts (to celebrate Kevin’s belated birthday) and went out for mamak! (Yeah, I am letting lose baybeh!)

Came back, did the whole countdown thingy on one of the episodes of HIMYM and then we were off to bed! Shyang woke up later to empty his stomach from the front – but that’s another story all together! :)

Can’t wait for the next G6 gathering post CNY at Tammie’s & Kevin’s new place in Bukit Tinggi.

I reckon it will be steamboat (again), but I am thinking – let’s just do satay celup sauce style instead! Agree no? :)

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