Tuesday, January 11, 2011

.: Just Married :.

Really appreciate the lil lil things JC do to make my day yesterday.

He helped with the laundry and also got me a lil delightful chocolatey surprise to ‘celebrate’.

The house is still in the mess from the (lack-of) unpacking from our Bali trip, so its definitely not visitor-friendly just yet.

There’s plenty of stuff in the freezer – leftovers of finger foods from our tea reception. Plenty of food to last for at least a week or two.

For now, things it’s a lil bit hazy, especially on working out a ‘schedule’ on housework.

I suppose what should be good is for us to do the laundry during weekends (or Friday night) and then leave Saturdays to grocery shopping and other household cleaning chores.

Let’s just see how things work. In any case, its good that our house is finally our home – a messy one, but home nonetheless :)


goingkookies said...

welcome back woman!!

ooh.. can't wait to hear about your Bali honeymoon.. am thinking of going there too for mine!

But the bf wants to go for cruise.. so we shall see....

happy getting into a routine with the hubby!

Kathlynn said...

why not do both? you can go on a 'budget' honeymoon at bali & then go for a cruise afterwards! best of both world!

i love bali, there's so much to see, day & night, beach & rice fields!

cruise wud be fun to, but its kinda 'contained' in the ship - unless it stops at countries

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