Thursday, January 20, 2011

.: Bali : Novus Bali Villas :.

 When we manage to find time to plan for our mini honeymoon getaway, I asked JC if we could splurge a lil on the accommodation and stay in a nice villa with a private plunge pool instead of some common hotel. He said ok, and so I went to search for bargains for a nice villa in Bali.

After much searching and comparing and reading comments, I said a lil prayer and we settled for Novus Bali Villa.

When we arrived there (late due to a flight delay), we both were pleasantly pleased (well, I was more overly excited as I did a stupid victory dance when the bell boy left - I think it was at that moment that JC regretted marry this crazy woman!).

Since I am not very good with words, I shall let the pictures do the talking. Tho I must admit that the pictures do very little justice to this magnificent lil hidden treasure (also partly due to my lack-of-knowledge on using Photoshop - so these pics are in its raw-est, unedited form)! :)

The walkway out of our villa on the right, very cute!

Welcome fruit basket & some strawberry cocktail (not in picture!)

Full view of our villa!

The private plunge pool - to die for! :)

Outdoor bath - which we will take our bubble bath everyday without fail! 
I heart! :)

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles - jasmine scented!
Where is my rubber duckie? :)

Another part of the bathroom! 
Oh, I really heart this place! :)

Full view of the villa & did I mention A PRIVATE PLUNGE POOL? :)

Some reading material to read by the pool while sunbathing, courtesy of the villa!

Our comfortable clean bed, with a nice mosquito netting (not that it was really needed since there wasn't, surprisingly, very much mosquitoes to begin with)

Nice garden in the villa - cool, calm and serene.
Good place to read a book or have long, soul-searching thoughts!

Small outdoor bar. Just love the lil Mexican-like feel of this place. 

A family villa at the back - suitable for family (duh!) or large group of people!

Spa room - another facility provided by the villa. 
Didn't get the chance to try the spa here tho.

A small bridge leading to a dainty lil Spice Garden!

How do I rotate the pics in blogspot?
The common pool (not that we used is since we already have our own private pool)

All I can say about my stay with Novus Bali Villa is AMAZING!
The place is wonderful, service from the guesthouse was impeccable.

If I ever get a chance to return to Bali, I would, without hesitation book this place again! :)


goingkookies said...

oooh just looking at your pics makes me want to go there NOW!! =p

goingkookies said...

which package did u get or how much was it pernight?? so i'd know how much to start budgeting!!

Kathlynn said...

cant rmbr hw much, coz husband pay, but its bout 30%-40% off from the ori price. just go to trip advisor n check out hotels from there. read ppl's comment. then there is also a few sites recommended on tripadvisor like agoda,hotel,etc where you can compare n get the cheapest rate, dependin on which hotel u pick ;)

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