Tuesday, January 25, 2011

.: G6 : The Experiment :.

As much as I love to spend time with my G6-ers, I realize that our bonding medium now is technology. Gone were the days where we play charades or card games or even board games.

Now, our conversations would go something pretty much like

“Hey, check out this YouTube video!” (often than not, related to parodies and stupid “stunts” like the ones in Jackass, usually followed by snorting laughters)


“Have you watched this episode of HIMYM? Here is the part where Barney says something totally legendary!” (again, usually followed by snorting laughters)


“Listen to this ringtone I just downloaded the other day!” (this time, followed by an even louder snorting laughters – partially from my contribution. To my defense, it WAS hilarious ok!)

It will be the six of us, with six laptops, Facebook & Youtube sites on at least three of the laptops while the other few runs downloaded episodes of Glee or HIMYM or whatever series we are catching up then.

Reading The Star TechCentral on newspaper today on “The Experiment”, about this lady challenging her kids age 18, 15 and 14; and to a certain extend – herself, not to be hooked up into technology for SIX MONTHS (I can bear the thought of detaching from technology for six hours, yet alone six months?) which include mobile *ouch!*, internet which comprises of the above Facebook & Youtube & much more, iPods, TVs and video games.

I was thinking to myself – what better way to challenge the G6 Group then to go 24 hours WITHOUT technology. I do not know if all will come out alive after the whole ordeal (or even dare to take this experiment in the first place) but I wanna post this challenge to the five of you.

Dare you, or dare you not, go on a 24 hours technology strike?
We can pick a date and do it together, or better still, we can gather together for one day and ‘help’ each other out as we go completely cold turkey with this! (but of course pick a weekend coz there is no way my boss is gonna buy “Oh, but I can’t use the computer coz I am on this pact I made with my cousins to be off-tech for a day!”)

What say you guys?

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