Tuesday, September 7, 2010

.: Song About Cebu :.

One of the reasons I heart teaching Sunday School, aside from the joy & love the kids bring, I get to watch VeggieTales.

It is so entertaining for the children (with positive message behind each story, some with biblical reference) and for the adults alike. I personally think the adults will enjoy it more, with silly rhymes (like the Silly Songs with Larry), subliminal jokes (like a family of grapes that are foul & nasty - know as Sour Grapes *lol*), etc

Well, my church pastor, Ps Peter was laughing at me & my cousin as we sat on the children's stool, watching this episod, laughing our heads off! :)

A good breather from the emo encounter on Saturday.

And, a song for your entertainment....


What is a Cebu?

Well, you will just have to watch to find out! *wink*

1 comment:

goingkookies said...

haha.. adorable to bits!!

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