Thursday, September 2, 2010

.: Letting Go :.

Here's a story of a little girl.

One fine day, she went to a market with her mum. She saw a very beautiful plastic pearl necklace that she really really liked it very much. She begged her mum to buy it for her but her mum told this little girl to buy this plastic pearl necklace with her savings. And she went home determined to buy this plastic pearl necklace so much. Day by day, she will not spend a single penny of the pocket money that her mum gave it to her, she put in a great effort to save money.

After a week, she managed to save enough money and happily, she bought the plastic pearl necklace by herself without the help from her mum.

She was so proud and happy that she wears the plastic pearl necklace to everywhere she goes. It was such a joyous moment for her that she could never stop smiling when she looks at herself with this plastic pearl necklace. Every night before she sleeps, she will make sure she takes it out and put it safely and nicely under her pillow.

One night, her father got home from work and went into her room.
He asked, "Darling, can I see your pearl necklace, please?"
And the little girl proudly took it and showed it to her father.
Then the father asked, "Girl, can I have your pearl necklace?"
And in split seconds, she took her plastic pearl necklace back and said,
"But dad. I like my necklace so much, please don't take it away from me. Please."
The little girl was almost in tears.

The next night, her father came into her room again.
Again he asked, "Darling, can I see your pearl necklace?"
With a little reluctance, the little girl took out her plastic pearl necklace and showed it to her father.
Once again her father asked, "Sweetheart, can I have your pearl necklace please?"
Sobbing, the little girl replied, "But daddy, why do you want to have my necklace? I really like it a lot. Please please please don't take it away from me."
With a smile, the father left the room.

On the third night, the little girl's father came into her room.
And gently he asked, "Darling, can I see your pearl necklace?"
Tears rolling down her cheek, the little girl took out the pearl necklace and showed it to her father.
Her father asked, "Baby girl, can you please give me your pearl necklace?"
The little girl began to cry to hard and so helplessly, she said, " my.....pearl neck...lace a lot...PLEASE...DON'T...TAKE...IT...AWAY...PLEASE!!!"

Finally on the last night, she sat up on her bed with the pearl necklace in her hands.
Crying and sobbing so hard, staring at her plastic pearl necklace, waiting for her father to come.
When her father did come into her room, she said with tears all over her cheeks,
"Daddy, here is my pearl necklace." Her heart ached with pain.
Her father smiled gently at his little girl. He took the plastic pearl necklace with his left hand.
And with his right hand, put into his pocket.
Her father took out from his pocket a real, genuine pearl necklace and wore it on for his baby girl. She looked so beautiful and the necklace shines on her.

In life, it is very often that we find it very hard to let go of the things that we liked and loved so much. But this little girl, she let go one of the things that she loves with so much pain and sorrow in her heart. Let go all your worries, submit them to God. It's never a walk in a park. But then, God always give us the best in our lives. Our greatest treasures are stored in the heaven, waiting for us.

And all I have to do is to put all my trust in Him

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