Friday, September 17, 2010

.: Kids Say The Darndest Things :.

Today, I accompanied JC to his piano practice at church. The SS14 cell was having a potbless there and Uncle Jimmy & Aunty Jaime's kids was around.

And since Uncle Jack was worship leading this Sunday, he& his whole family came along.

Judith (Jimmy & Jaime's youngest daughter) was showing me off her Mr & Mrs Potatohead  *absolutely fun stuff*. She was just so adorable, having innocent, naive conversations with me. And when it was time to go back, I made her pack back Mr & Mrs Potatohead by saying "JuJu, faster go pack your toys. If you leave it lying around, Aunty Nancy (our church administrator) will pack and bring back home." She quickly packed it nicely into their own individual box, and looked at me with those innocent eyes "Ok, pack already. I will bring back so Aunty Nancy cannot bring back." *lol* Well, I wasn't technically lying to her, coz if she didn't pack up & if Aunty Nancy won't bring 'em home, I will so be glad to bring 'em home for myself.

Samuel, Jack & Angie's younger son was also another adorable creature to watch. He was so enthusiastic in playing his invisible guitar/drum and so full of energy as the worship team practice. And when Uncle Jack suddenly stop the team, to check what key they were playing, lil Samuel stopped instantaneously (like musical statue!) and looked around innocently and confused.

Lateron, when the energy ran out (finally) he snacked on a piece of biscuit (his fav food as I ALWAYS, without fail see him with a piece of biscuit every Sunday when he is around). He was carrying a bright yellow Ikea saucer. And when it was time to lock up the church & leave, mummy asked Samuel "Samuel, where is the plate?" He gave a very confused looked.

Trying to be more clear, mummy asked again, "Where is peng peng (biscuit in Cantonese)?"

Again, a confused look, slowly replace with a grin as he pointed with both hands to his mouth.

We both laugh as mummy said "Yes, I know peng peng in your stomach, but where is the plate?"

Anyways, if anyone finds a bright yellow saucer at some nook and corner of SLS, please let Samuel know that his peng peng plate is found! :)

Words cannot describe the joy and delights in spending time with these lil kids.

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