Tuesday, May 22, 2012

.: Poh Poh :.

I spend some time with the grandmother yesterday. She’s the only surviving grandparents I have left. I’ve never gotten to see my paternal grandpa & my paternal grandma pass away when I was still very young, that I barely remembers how she looks and sounds like. As for my maternal grandpa, he passed away 6 years back, and because I was really attached to him, I miss him so much, until this very day.

As I was chatting with poh-poh, I begin to realize how much she has aged in the past years. She walks slower, talks slower & reacts slower than she used to. But she is still the proper, demure grandma that I know and love. She still takes her time to dress up, comb her hair, put on her lipstick to take walks at malls (much to my amusement, but my mom’s irritation). Well, for me I wouldn’t think twice of going to the mall with my shorts & college-old T-shirt (for the record, they are absolute comfy on a hot day). My grandma has always been a proper woman, and it reflects especially so in the way she presents the meals she cooks for/serves us. She ensures that the chili she cuts are of the right size (big chunky ones or unevenly sized are a big NO-NO or in the words of this Nyonya lady “tak senonoh”) or that the biscuits she serves for tea is properly arranged and served (eating direct from a tin like yours truly is unheard of!) or many more along these lines.

I especially also love the way she answers the phone, with a ever soft “Hellooo….” So ladylike and demure unlike her eldest granddaughter which just grunts “What?” when answering calls. Tee hee.

Well, I wished I have more hours in a day to spend with her and I am glad I did took some time off from work yesterday to catch up with Poh-Poh.

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