Tuesday, May 8, 2012

.: Lullaby, Say Goodnight :.

The Husband called to tell me he was coming back at 1am. I thought to myself, “that’s early”, so I decided to wait while I read a book. At 1.30am, no signs of him, and I was already groggy. I called The Husband only to get to hear some muttering of “I’m in a discussion”. Fine, a lil bit agitated that he didn’t even bother to text me to tell me the case, I went to sleep. At 2.30am, he called. Awaken, I picked up, only to have The Husband tell me that he’s on the way home. What?! I gave him a good piece of shelling for interrupting my sleep, and then went back to bed. When he came home, me being a light sleeper, was awaken again by the sounds of jangling keys. I tried to get back to sleep, only to heard some bing-banging of pots and pans in the kitchen. Seriously? Doing the dishes (well, technically it’s only ONE pot, but for god knows what reason(s), the way he washed it made it sound like that he’s closing up a tai chow restaurant) at 3am in the morning! So, The Husband dutifully obeyed and I was again, dozing on and off sleep, no thanks to the sounds of the running shower. Finally, when he is done, and all tuck into bed, and just when I thought I could finally get some shut eye – The Husband starting snoring. FML.

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