Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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As you all have know, I have launched Project Spring a couple of months back. It’s nice to bring you updates that the garden is doing relatively well for a amateur garderner. I have taken a short break from gardening to catch up on my reading. But I reckon it’s bout time I start getting my hands sinked in to my garden again. The plants that we have planted are doing reasonably well. Plenty of pointers from the local gardener’s blog, as I have mentioned in my previous post. Then again, there are a couple of plants that didn’t make it in our hands, a couple of plants that are not thriving as good as we expect (point in case – the orkid has not bloomed yet *sigh*), but we are pleased with the ones that did.

I am now looking at simple & easy solutions to storing my gardening tools and what not, and thanks to the power of Google, here are a couple of creative ideas that is easy on the pocket. Now out with those drills *piewww*pieeww* :)

Robin made this from an old table & a discarded bedframe. Love it!

An old dresser and some tiles is what it takes for Jary to transform into this lovely garden bench!

Hanging garden desk from a couple of planks of wood. Steps to make from GAP Gardens.

Becky + pallets = Awesome garden bench!

Bobby create an awesome rustic planter with just an old door. Adds character with some vintage kitchenware!


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