Wednesday, September 24, 2008

.: A Rose By Any Other Name.... Is Still A Rose :.

I saw a guy in the LRT on the way home yesterday, carrying a single stalk of red rose.

Who was it for?
His wife? [No wedding band on his finger to indicate that he's married]
His girlfriend, perhaps? [Possible]
His mum? [You'd never know]

Why a red rose?
Does it symbolises love? [But then again, all roses do, doesn't it?]
Respect? [Possible, if it's to his mum...]
Passion? [If it's for his girlfriend]
Deep emotion?

Why one single stalk?
Is it because it represents "I love you" or "I love you still"?
Or is it to express simplicity and gratitude? [Who knows...]
Or perhaps, he's just cheap...[like JC *wink*]

Who knows, the rose may be even from someone, not to someone.
It can even be for himself.... [Why not?]

Well so many irrelevant questions, with no possible answer as he hop off the train at Central station.......

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