Sunday, September 21, 2008

.: Eat And Be Merry :.

Had dinner with Jes & SJian at Wendy's in Jaya One on Thursday...

I ordered the 1/4 pounder beef burger, which was not too bad, but nothing to shout about (but I must admit it's better than McDs) and also tried some of SJian's Chilli - which is made of beef chunks, beans, onions & tomato puree. I kinda like it very much, actually - taste something like bolagnese sauce. Would appreciate it much more if it's much spicer tho (I love spicy food!).

We hanged out at Starbucks to chat around, until about 12am. Alot of catching up to do since the last time we met was somewhere in June (right after I came back from Aus).

On Sat night - JC, Wilson, Evelyn, SzePin, Jack, JC and myself met up with Francis who is back from London (he's currently working there) at Vintry in Medan Damansara. We chat - bout the current economic conditions (of UK especially), current political condition (of M'sia - where else?), scandals in our workplace, our studies, etc, etc.

We lingered from 10.30 pm to about 1.30 am, had two bottles of red wine (one from South Australia & another from Chille) with roasted pork & chips.

Today (Sunday) I'm having home made beef goulash - made of beef chunks, potatoes, carrots & onions.

Mmmm.... no wonder I'm putting on weight nowadays!

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