Monday, September 29, 2008

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It’s been quite a while since I last step foot on Genting, so when an offer came about, including free transportation, accommodation & food, came – keyword being free, I immediately accepted that offer.

I made a mental note that the rides I must take would be the Corkscrew & Space Shots! The last time I was in Genting, I remember taking the Corkscrew and that was, at that time, the most scariest ride there! And I have not tried the Space Shots, so I thought I’d give it a go. Of course I was wondering whether my ol’ ticking heart could take it. After all, it was nearly a decade since I last experienced those thriller rides.

So there we were, arriving up in the hills about 9am (we adjourned about 7.45am from KL), bought our one-day pass for both indoor and outdoor theme park, and went on to take our thrill rides.

So for starters, we “warmed up” and tried the Cyclone (apparently Malaysia’s first roller coaster), moved on to Super Tobbogan (it was lousy), had a try at Spinner and then moved on to Corkscrew.

My most scariest ride, would be the Space Shot. It brings you up to 10 stories high (I’m actually quite afraid of heights – so it was really scary for me) and without warning (we are literally suspended in air for like 15 seconds), we are dropped at free fall speed (which is 9.81 m/s2) [show off my general knowledge a bit la *wink*]. I screamed till my lungs came out, and I believe that I was the ONLY one screaming. I just don’t understand why the other’s not scream? Or was it that my scream has drowned the others?

Anyways, I dared myself to take the second time, just to “get it out of my system”, and was at many instances, contemplating to chicken-out. As I was strapped into the seat and was suspended up in the air, I told myself “too late” , before screaming to my plunge!

We took a couple of other rides including Flying Dragon, Matahari, Pirate Train, Adult Bumper Car, 4D Motion Master (Alice In Wonderland), Rio Float, Bumper Boat...

At night, after a light dinner, we took the Monorail and enjoyed a beautiful, romantic night view of the City of Entertainment. Then we proceed to the Spinner again. It felt so good, as I let go of the bar I was gripping on to and spread my hands across (it was my first time letting go). It feels like I’m flying high ;)

When I came back, I caught flu and now am paying the price for screaming – a sore throat, but I really did enjoy my weekend! ;)

P/s : Remember the couple I was trying to match-make a couple of months back – well it was a success. The guy is now under 6 months probation :)

Congrats guys, remember my angpow “waiver” at your wedding ok? *wink*

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