Saturday, September 13, 2008

.: Perfect Plan :.

It's exactly 28 long months since JC and I decided to upgrade our relationship to become more than just-friends.

Again, a classic example of how time flies.

I've learned alot in this relationship - mostly on compromising and patience.

I've learned that to me, happiness on some things requires more effort than other (I'm someone who's easily pleased with helium balloons and Hello-Kitty tanglongs - but when it comes to relationships, it takes more to make me happy).

I've learned that there are times where I can let go and totally be myself, but there's also times where I can be left alone, by myself.

And of course there are so much more for me to learn...

Like instead of putting "me", "him" or even "us" first - we should be putting God first as the center of our relationship.

And that you should always allow God to lead you on where He wants you to be in this relationship.

So even though I don't know where my relationship with JC is heading towards - especially when I'm beginning to have second thoughts on all of this, I know that God is over-seeing all of this, and He knows how I feel & He knows how JC feels and of course, His mighty plans will slowly unravel itself to something so beautiful.....

Oh, I just can't wait!

So... to my JC, thank you for all the bitter-sweet moments we have shared....

But most of all, thank you Lord, for looking after the both of us and for Your perfect plans for us!

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