Monday, August 27, 2007

.: What More Could I Ask? :.

I had so much fun this weekend!

It all started with our ICAEW Student gathering on Friday night at Ong's house in USJ. Lotsa food, lotsa singing (Kerwin's really good with the guitar), lotsa talking (or should I say crapping ) , and....... lotsa booze.
Pictures (once filtered by me) will be posted here.

On Sat morning, I went to church earlier to study for my EE Test, which starts in the afternoon. Time passes by sooooo fast, I can hardly believe that we have spend 13 weeks together. I'm so glad that God gave me all that I need to complete this programme. But as Rev Elisha, in a recent gathering for (Celebration of Hope Malaysia) held for pastors and elders of churches around Malaysia (I was representing Aunty Nancy who could not make as she was attending the EE Clinic) said, evangalism is not a programme, it's not a project.... It is a PASSION. Hope I could live to that statement!

Sat evening was spent with my ex-secondary school mates. We met at Centerpoint McD's. It was kinda sad that alot could not make it for this time round gathering. But I'm really glad that I managed to catch up with those few that could - Chee Kong , Wei Chan(Nick) , Yen Nee, Yin Ching (Rach) , Seat Jian , Jesamine , Sue May.

.: Sue May + Me + Jes + Yen Nee + Rach + Nick + Chee Kong + Seat Jian :.

We talked about those good ol secondary school days. (makes me feel so old actually *sigh*) , talked on what we are doing now, talked about what we plan to do for the future. Not much have changed drastically since the last we met. Except for those few who has the memory of Dory (in Finding Nemo). Well Wei Chan, I'm glad you NOW know who Ms Esther is. *wink*

Sunday morning was my first day solo as a Sunday School teacher. Previously, I was mostly assisting the other Sunday School teachers while they conduct the class. I was really nervous, but I'm so thankful that my Ah Ee Ling (Kristine) and my cousin Tammie helped out. I read them a short story on the first book of the Bible, on how God created the heavens and the Earth, the mountain and the seas, the plants, the animals, etc. I also encouraged them to participate by asking them to name vegetables, fruits, birds and land animals.

The answer they give was sooooo cute.

When I was asking about vegetables, I encouraged Caleb to answer by asking him "What vegetables is you're favourite?"
His reply was "Yuck! I don't like vegatables" *wink*wink*

But all of them were very very proactive in giving answers. They are really good students, I like them very much :)

After story telling time, we proceed to our artwork. Making teddy bears. They were all very enthusiastic, even the boys (to my surprise) and they decorated their Teddys very well and creatively. I'm so so so so proud of them :)

Jacob asked a question which Aunty Jaime answered till it made him shy and embaressed. He asked "What am I going to do with this Teddy once I finish making it?"

Aunty Jaime answered "Well, on Valentine Day, you go to a girl you like, and ask her to be your girlfriend, and give her this teddy. She will love it, coz girls love teddys"

Jacob shyly walked away :)

So cute teasing him...

Will upload some of the pics I took of them too.

Dinner, I had seafood at Teluk Gong (Port Klang) with JC and his extended family. Met his Uncle and cousin, Sam for the first time.

Well, I really did enjoy my weekend. Spending time with the people you love, doing the things you love.... ahhh... what more could I ask?

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