Friday, August 31, 2007

.: Anticipation - A Roller Coaster Ride :.

The anticipation of my results is totally killing me. It's due to be out at 5pm UK time, so it's approximately 12am Malaysian time.


When the clock struck 12 (well, not that dramatic, but still...) I clicked refresh on the website pre-logged into, I click into the Credit List S-Z. Scrolled down to check for my name under S, but I didn't see it. My name was not there. I failed.

I was disappointed. Very, even though I mentally prepared myself for that.

I called JC, who consoled me a while. My parents said "It's OK, you can try again next time".

I was really devestated. I go on to check the name of my other batchmates, whom most of them passed. I felt even more bad.

As I click to the Credit List L-R and started scrolling, I saw a name listed as Lyn S S.
And that name was from Petaling Jaya. And the candidate number matched my candidated number. I held my breath a while, before I announced to my parents that I passed. That was not before I accidentally shout out a curse word (not something that I'm very proud of - my brother was joking to me this morning about how he should have videotaped my reaction at that time and put it up on YouTube)!

I'm so thankful that by God's grace I passed this paper. It was a borderline pass, but a pass nonetheless.

Classes for the next paper starts Thursday next week. Here we go again, another roller coaster ride for me.

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