Friday, August 10, 2007

.: I Baked... Again :.

I was super exhausted even when I was in the LRT on the way back. My original plan was to take a cab home from KJ station, but I felt very faint and dizzy, so I got my kor to pick me up instead.

I accompanied him for dinner, bought a bunch of bananas, pisang beragan to be exact and a couple of frozen yogurt for yesterday's apple crumble.

I went home and started to bake banana pies, like those they have in McDs. I used the ready-made pastry my mom bought a year back (in which she claims that she will bake some pies but to this very day ..... nada)

I absolutely love the pastry. It's light and fluffly. Melts in your mouth. The filling, I must admit, lack sweetness, though I did put a couple spoonful of sugar.

Anyhows, I don't know what has gotten into me that I wanted to bake. Ever since the final week of exams. And since there was opportunity to do so (as my mom is in Langkawi) might as well seize the moment.

I was exhausted by the end of it all, but the funny thing is that my exhaustion has nothing to do with me being sleepy. It feels like my blood and life is draining out of me. I want to see a Dr. Only if I know how to tell him my problems. The thing is, he will most likely do a series of test and conclude that it's nothing.

Perhaps it's all in my head.

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