Monday, April 9, 2012

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I am proud to announce that we have finally completed Project Scribe *pats myself on back* I know that it should be an on-going project, but there have been piles and piles of things that needed to be sorted out and filed and let’s just say that Ms. Procrastinator got the better of me. I dragged my bum, and my husband’s as well, and spend a good whole evening running thru documents after documents, papers after papers, files after files and try to reduce the pile of rubbish we have horded home.

We finally completed most of the filling (except for the current Income Tax stuff which is dumped into one box at the corner of our blue room), and can you imagine the pile of rubbish we wanted to throw? It’s about two A4 sized boxes full of papers and another box full of whatever rubbish! Madness! And this is only one year of accumulation! I vow to launch Project Scribe at least once a year, if not more often.

Speaking of which, the 90 days of Project Casa has started ticking. So, in 90 days, if all goes well, we will be the legal owner of our new IP. Hooray!

Anyways, because I’m feeling artsy & crafty of late, I have been going thru Pinterest for ideas and inspirations on our home d├ęcor!

I have tried to distress and age an old photo frame and was I excited with the results. As for today’s mission, I would like to get some idea on what I can frame up (aside from pictures of course). And here’s my top 5 picks!

Frame up your motivational posters, or cute ones or even the funny ones. Here are a couple of my favourites

Source: via Kathlynn on Pinterest

There's just something about framed vintage keys that I absolutely love! Here are a few from my ideaboard!

I was absolutely mesmerised with what one can do with an ol' frame, some ol' utensils from the kitchen and a bit of spray paint. Absolutely gorgeous to be hung in the kitchen wouldn't you say?

Now here is a brilliant idea for the husband so that he will NEVER forget important dates like birthday, anniversary, etc. Lovely to be hung in the family room or a child's nursery!
Source: via Kathlynn on Pinterest

There is nothing more wonderful than then beautiful creation of God, so why not just frame it. From leaves, to twigs, to shells from a recent beach holiday, this would look lovely in the living room or reading room. Here's a few to share
Source: via Kathlynn on Pinterest

Source: via Kathlynn on Pinterest

Feeling inspired already?

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