Wednesday, April 4, 2012

.: Fire Alarm :.

Watched Leap Year with the husband a couple of nights ago.

The movie was entertaining in itself, about a girl who plans to travel down to Dublin to surprise her long-time boyfriend of four years with a marriage proposal on leap day, 29th Feb. According to Irish tradition, a maiden can propose on this said day, and the guy whom she proposed to can not turn down on her proposal. Well, of course, what's a romantic comedy without say a handsome Irish barkeeper/innkeeper/taxi driver, oh and throw in a couple of mishaps (she is what I would call a walking Murphy) on their cross country odyssey to Dublin.

Well, needless to say, like any predictable romance flick - she ends up fallin in love with the Irish lad.

It was really a nice watchable movie!

One of the scenes of this movie has really got me thinking.

Declan (the good looking Irish lad) asked Anna (the desperate-to-propose-to-her-boyfriend lass) if her house was on fire and she had only about 60 seconds, what would she take with her?

She gave it a thought, but could not answer.

In a scene towards the end of the movie, where she was having an engagement party with her fiancee (spoiler - her bf proposed to her and she said yes), she set the fire alarm. The guests ran out, and her fiancee was busy fussing around with the laptops, video camera, etc. It was that moment that made her realise and said this in her future meet with Declan

"When my 60 seconds came around I realized I had everything I ever wanted... but nothing I really needed. And I think what I need is here."

Fire Alarm

What would you have taken in your 60 seconds? Makes you wonder doesn't it?

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