Friday, April 27, 2012

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Ok, so it’s been three weeks and counting since I’ve used my Foursquare apps – and not only that, I manage to get The Husband to download it on his smartphone as well. He’s excited over it more so of the tips that he gets from the makan place, whereas, I am all in for the points (at least for now).

Anyways, The Husband has been working late these couple of days, leaving me to catch up with my reading. I also have take a hiatus from pinning in my Pinterest just to spend more time with my books. Oh, did I mention that I bought another two books from Book Xcess, because I just really can’t help it. Really, I swear the books were calling out my name and I knew I just have to get some there and then! So now, I have close to about 6 purchased books and 3 borrowed books to be read.

No complains for me tho, give me a good book and a good place to cozy up to read and I am one happy camper! :)

Aside from reading, we have been pretty actively involved in Project Island. We did throw in an offer for one of the units that we had our eye on, but it was rejected by the owner, who wanted to wait-and-see first. Fair enough, we would have done the same if the roles were reversed. So, meantime, poor Benedict have to dig some more.

Speaking of Ben, caught a movie (The Avengers) with him & Joe & Felicia last night (much thanks to Joe for the premier tickets). The movie was awesome (would have been awesome-er if it was in 3D, but hey, I am not complaining!). Worth the watch, especially if you are a Marvel comic fan! Tim, Tamie, Joel (my ringbearer) & Elisha joined us for dinner at Food Republic in One Utama. My first time there, and many from Foursquare (via tips) complained that the price is too expensive for a food court, but I suppose its not easy to get PLC (peng-leng-cheng) food in shopping malls. Anyways, I think it’s pretty decent. In fact, I have some pad thai and two pieces of fried spring roll for RM11.90. Not too bad, big portions so much so that I manage to share with Ben some.

Over dinner, Joel mentioned that he’s very excited that he’s gonna watch The Avengers this Saturday. I looked at the rest of the gang and said “I guess we shouldn’t pop his bubble by telling him what we’d be watching today”. But, lateron, Joel asked us what movie are we watching, and not wanting to ignore him, I answered “Avengers”. The looks on his face, man, I wish I hadn’t replied him. Disappointment and confusion all bundled into on expression; he suddenly shouted “No. LIAR!” Anyways, we left before he made a bigger fuss over it. But learned my lesson, never be the bearer of not so good news!

Oh, I also succumbed to the marketing gimmicks of Starbucks but purchasing a RM120 mini-card. I told myself (and also out loud during the earlier dinner with the gang) that I am not going to buy it. But when I went over to Starbucks, saw the kuchi card, I was like (in the words of Ben) a screeching pre-teen! Anyways, to note that their new cookie crumble chocolate/mocha was nothing to shout about. It was too diluted for my liking (similar to the Blonde Roast which they launch a couple of weeks back). I still like my drink rich & thick, thank-you-very-much!

Oh, thank goodness today’s Friday and I am so looking forward to the weekend. Am tempted to take one day off one Monday given that Tuesday is Labour’s day, a public holiday (and also Daddy’s birthday!). But The Husband says that he can’t and in fact would most likely need to work this weekend as well. Bummer that our schedules just can’t seem to meet!  Anyhoots, I am doing some grocery shopping with my colleagues tonight. I know, sounds so aunty right? It’s strange but true that I find grocery shopping enjoyable & calming!

Ok, that’s all for now. Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead!

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