Friday, April 6, 2012

.: Magic Castle :.

My parents heavily invested in this series called Magic Castle Series, and I loved to read, re-read &re-re-read all the books to my hearts content. Unlike most kids my age, I didn’t really go thru Ladybird’s Peter & Jane (Keyword Reading Scheme). I think my parents still have these series collected somewhere, dusty and all (or even prolly infested by silverfish). Or perhaps they have given it to one of my younger cousins? Hmm…

Anyways, I remember these books so fondly because at the start of each book, there’s these magical words written that catches my breath whenever I read it out loud (ok, a bit of an exaggeration, but it was really something for me)

Come to the Magic Castle, when you are growing tall.
Rows upon rows of word windows line every single wall.
They reach up high, as high as the sky, and you want to open them all.
For every time you open one, a new adventure has begun

Anyways, I have been abandoning my books of late. There are only two books to add to my reading list Michael Connelly’s The Closers & Robert Crais’ The Watchman; which are both equally good, by the way.

I borrowed (or was it lend? can never get this right) another 6 books from the National Library yesterday. Hopefully I will kickstart my reading habit once again.

P/S : A sudden idea hit me. I might just print out these words and frame it to be hung in my reading room in my "Castle". How apt at multiple levels, no? :)


goingkookies said...

it's common for pp to forget when to use borrow and when to use lend.. ;p

it's always 'i borrow from..' and 'i lend to..'

or.. 'u/he lend me the car the other day..'

Kathlynn said...

lol. i will refer to this whenever i need to use the correct word. But sometimes, i rather use the rojak sentence and say "pinjam" instead! hahaha.

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