Friday, October 14, 2011

.: My Happiest Moments :.

This is a picture of me and my then 5-year-old cousin, Rachel Tan!

I love her to bits and she can definitely make my day by her wide cheeky smile, proudly showing off her carious tooth!

I love the way she calls me Jie-Jie ever so lovingly and doting voice….

I love to have phone conversations with her, even tho the conversation doesn’t make very much sense…

I also love talking to her face-to-face so that I can see her roll her wide dolly eyes whenever I say something lame…

I love how she does cute and adorable "supermodel" poses in front of the camera…

And I also love how she sneakily tries to get chocolate, when she already has her fair share…

I also love how she, in her child-like innoncence, teaches me things I never knew and reminds me of things I have forgotten.

She is just so precious to me and being with her is one of

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