Sunday, October 2, 2011

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It has been an eventful day.

Took part in Nuffnang's Malaysia's First Ever MasterChef Blogger competition. The 20 bloggers that took part were put to two task.

First task was an Invention Test, where the 20 bloggers are suppose to create a dish within one hour incorporating the "secret ingredient". Kyo no tema *in Kaga (Iron Chef) tone*..... CHICKEN.

No biggie right, one would think. Chicken has got to be the most versatile ingredient one can use. But under the time pressure and just being in a kitchen that is not yours together with the limited complimentary ingredients, it is not as easy as it sounds. Anyhows, after going thru some options - Sweet & Sour Chicken, Curry Chicken and even Ayam Masak Merah, I made a decision to play safe and go with Grilled Chicken in Lemon Sauce with a bed of sauted vegetables. A dish that, sadly, didn't push me to qualify for the finale as they were looking for something more creative, hence playing safe wasn't exactly a smart move.

Anyways, it was a good and enjoyable experience and I really did had fun! Competition was great and indeed the top 5 deservingly gets to make the cut. Made a new friend - Dharm, do check out his foodblog here! And yeah, I did finally get to learn how to make poached eggs. Have seen it a couple of times on TV, but never really gotten a hand on it until today, where it was part of the second task. The first attempt was terrible, the egg-white came out too runny. But the second attempt was a good (tho nowhere near perfect) poach egg, with the judges : Ryan Khang (from The Cooking House), Azlin Reza (from Astro Ria) & KY (from KYSpeak) nodding their head in approval.

(will share pics once I get a few from others as we didn't lugged our DSLR along)

When all was over, JC was hungry (and grumpy because he was hungry) and we had lunch at Bulldog Pub & Cafe. By the way, the Spotted Dick's custard sauce is absolutely delish! I heart!

I had a terrible headache and was feeling nauseated, probably still have not recovered from my flu early this week or probably from last night's drinking at The Tavern, Guinness Factory (some ICAEW City Group event). So I napped while JC drove to Avalon for us to get a lamp for our home.

Went home after, took a nap and was up for dinner and a yum cha session with my secondary school mates at our favourite Starbucks place in Uptown (we have been meeting here for the past five to six years). It's good to have finally catch up with them after months. We were planning to have our TEN YEARS reunion for SMDJ's 5 Batai 2002. Wow, seriously 10 years have passed since we left highschool. It has been that long, hasn't it? Time flies.......

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Dharm said...

Indeed it was a very eventful day! Honestly, I'm not sure the judging was based on the best food... It was probably based more on the unusual rather than what tasted the best coz your lemon chicken looked really good! Anyway, all for the fun and at least we learnt the art of poaching eggs!

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