Wednesday, September 21, 2011

.: The Village Idiot :.

Just the other day, like most days, I was swamped with work and in between reading and replying emails while talking to my boss bout the next action plan for our long outstanding task which needed to meet the deadline which was yesterday (don’t you hate it when all the deadlines you have are due yesterday! ugh!), when my husband called me.

JC : Dear, I am walking to my car… and guess what?

Me : What?

“Did you strike a lottery and won like a frizzilion bucks and I don’t have to work for the rest of my life? Or did you inherit like a kabazillion dollars from some long lost uncle that you didn’t even know exist? Or did your boss told you that you were a top performer and get like a 10 years bonus and told you to take the month off so that you & I can travel round the world with your earned bonus money?” I thought, but not out loud, coz my boss was just next to me

JC : I found 10 cents on the street… and picked it up. *laughs gleefully*

Me : -.- Seriously? Bye! *slams phone*

Seriously, JC. Like seriously? Why, oh why did I marry the village idiot? :)

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