Sunday, September 4, 2011

.: Common Courtesy :.

So I was having dinner with the husband last night at a busy Western restaurant in USJ last now.

It was really packed with people and the waiter/waitresses was really doubling up to man the place.

So we sat at a corner and ordered our food. A family - a mom and her two kids, sat at the table next to us a while after. The waiter passed her and her kids the menu, and she quickly hold back the waiter and told him that she was ready to order.

That was fast, I thought to myself, she hasn't even read the menu yet. Perhaps she is a regular customer at this joint. 

So as not to eavesdrop any further, I continued my conversations with JC. It was after a while that I realise that she was reading the menu out loud. Strange, I thought. Didn't she earlier said that she was ready to order. I turned my head 45 degrees and at the corner of my eyes, I spotted her reading out loud the menu to the other person on the other line of her mobile phone, presumably her husband. Seriously? She started off with the beef, then the chicken, and then the seafood. Mine you, that was close to like 40 items of that she just read out - together with it's description.

I was just thinking, how could she be so selfish as to hold the waiter back and wasted a good 10 minutes? Can't she like excuse the waiter under she can get her husband to decide.

Selfish people I tell you! Where are your common courtesy? Just like common sense, it's not so common anymore I suppose. Ugh!

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