Wednesday, September 7, 2011

.: And I Will Be Loved :.

So the past few days have been crazy for me. Three shots (no, not tequilla shots, but of the piston and needle variety). Two mercilessly at the bum and one just an inch away from my coccyx.

The first shot was on Friday over some rashes that developed on my arms and legs. No, worry not to those who have been near me, they have been declared contagious-free by the good doctor, and the only bother it has on me is that it is unsightly to my almost flawless skin and that it is crazy itchy. The good doctor has also prescribed some cream to apply in order to reduce itching (helped alot but I'm still scratching it mad).

 And the other two jabs? Well, that's for a backache which I had since Monday and is still bad today. If it doesn't get any better, I need to refer to a specialist. Golly, with the number of jabs I have had, my friend Su teased that I'm like a junkie!

 Anyways, JC has been extra affectionate and caring of late, applying cream to my arms and legs and ointment to my back. A conversation that took part just last night, while he was rubbing my back

 ME: My arms itch, my back hurts. I feel like an old woman.
 HE : We'd all grow old one day.
ME : Reassuring JC,real reassuring! -.-

 I must admit that I enjoyed the affection and attention, tho I'm a tad bit worried bout my back, being a possibility of slipdisc. Anyways, prayerfully its nothing serious.

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