Tuesday, September 20, 2011

.: Malaysia’s First Ever Blogger MasterChef :.

Ok, so I suppose you guys have heard of (or even follow closely) MasterChef reality series. 

MasterChef is a worldwide phenomenon. A cooking reality show, that although doesn’t allow viewers to vote, has still broken viewership records in US and Australia. MasterChef is a success because not only is FOOD something we are all very passionate about (I know I am) but the show only allows amateur cooks (like you & me) to compete. Malaysians who love cooking but never had a chance to really showcase their skills and be appreciated, now get the opportunity! 

There's the USA MasterChef :

Even Junior MasterChef (aren't they so cute?):

But guess what.... Astro is bringing MasterChef closer to home this October with the debut of MasterChef Malaysia! MasterChef Malaysia will be launched on the 22 October 2011 on Astro Ria (Channel 104). MasterChef TX will be starting on 22 October every Saturday - Wednesday, 9pm while Master Class will be on every Friday, 9pm.

Well, if I were to enter the MasterChef audition to be Malaysia's Next MasterChef, I would whip up my simple, yet pleasurably enjoyable decadent Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. So easy to make with just simple basic ingrediant, yet the impact of the warm chocolate meets the cold vanila ice cream. Heavenly!

The recipe are so simple to follow with only 15 minutes of preparation time & 10 minutes of cooking time.

Ingredients (4 - 5 servings depending on ramekin size):

6 oz. Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate (or use your favorite 70% dark chocolate bar)
6 oz. Butter (diced, room temperature)
3 Eggs
1/2 cup Granulated Sugar
1/3 cup Flour
Some butter for the ramekins

1. Preheat oven to 350°F (200C)
2. Melt chocolate on low flame in ala bain-marie (double boiler). When melted, take of flame.
3. Stir into melted chocolate diced butter, until it melts.
4. In another bowl, beat eggs and sugar, until it starts to whiten.
5. Stir in melted chocolate and then the flour.
6. Butter 4-5 individual ramekins generously (you don't want your cake to be stuck if you intend to remove from the ramekin before serving, of course, another alternative is to serve it in the ramekin in itself), and pour in chocolate batter, until slightly about an centimeter from the top (leave a lil space as it will souffle up slightly)
6. Cook for about 10 minutes. You will know it’s done, when it looks cake-like on the top, but as you give it a lil jiggle, it is still wobbly.
7. Tip ramekins upside down onto dessert plates and serve. Use a knife and run along side if you find it difficult to nudge it out.
8. Voilà! Serve immediately with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Or eat it on it's own, warm from the oven!

Interested to know more? Click below for more details:
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Dharm said...

I left a comment after the competition but probably forgot to save it!! Your choc lava cake looks delish and I must try it out soon. Thanks for the 'loan' of the tomato at the competition!

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