Tuesday, November 30, 2010

.: MadWorld :.

We live in a world of the unexpected–a mad world which seems to make little sense. In a world where tragedies beyond our imagination happen daily at preposterous proportions, how is it possible for us to live as if there were no tomorrow?

How peculiar that we care only about our own existence, when others around us could be drowning.

Have we forgotten the value of human lives?

Who are we and what is our worth?

What gives a man his value – his riches or his power over other men?

What about those whose lives are shattered by suffering—has God been unkind to them?

Don’t they matter?

What is the value of a human life?

MadWorld takes us into the souls of two men – Adam and Lucas – both asking the same question:

“What is indeed the worth of our souls?”

DUMC Dream Centre, Section 13, PJ
3 December 2010, Friday – 8.00pm
5 December 2010, Sunday – 3.30pm
5 December 2010, Sunday – 8.00pm (Yes, 2 shows on Sunday!)
Ticketing: No tickets, just show up.

SIBKL Auditorium, Bangunan Yin (next to Phileo Damansara I)
24 December 2010, Friday – 8.00pm
25 December 2010, Saturday – 7.30pm
26 December 2010, Sunday – 10.00am
26 December 2010, Sunday – 7.30pm (Yes, 2 shows on Sunday!)
Ticketing: Contact your SIB friends or call +603-7957 2701.

Ticketing opens early November 2010

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