Monday, November 15, 2010

.: 7 Days Challange : #1 :.

I wonder why the moon follows us around at night.

When I was younger and still suckling milk from the Avent milk bottle, I usta ask my dad "Daddy, why is the moon following us?"

You see, I lying down at the backseat of the car and regardless of whether we turn left or right, the moon seemed like it was following us.

It was amusing, but at the same time abit scary coz I thought that the moon is some special eyeball lookin down on us.

I can't remember what my dad replied, but I am sure the answer wasn't scientific enough nor did it made any sense or else I would have dropped it rather than wonder for a couple of months thereforth.

Either that or he might have answered "Go ask your mom!"

Who knows?

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