Monday, November 1, 2010

.: Feel That Itch :.

I am just itching to bake & cook.

I wanna bake those lovely cupcakes, and learn to ice them properly with coloured buttercream swirl and sprinkle with lil cutesy edible decors!

I want to try another one or two brownie recipes so that I can find the purrfect one!

I wanna try out more recipes – such as banana breadcinnamon buns

I wanna make pesto sauce,

try my hand at making pizza from scratch,

or find the perfect pie pastry recipe for all sorts of pie filling thereon…

I wanna do a roast beef with potato, onions & leeks trimming…

I wanna enjoy an international culinary experience by making Paello (a Spanish dish)

 or the humble Chawanmushi (a Japanese egg custard dish)

Or going back to my Malaysian roots with dishes like Ikan Bakar Portugis

or Chai Kueh

or Ngah Poh Loh See Fun (rat’s tail noodles is what my Tax lecturer, Mr Martin used to call it)

I wanna do so much…but…

*gasp for air*

….circumstances do not permit.

Another 2 more months and I will be home free! :)

Just you wait my faithful (underutilized) oven! Just you wait!

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